"We have been to a few different Escape Room locations, and Project Escape has been, by far, THE BEST! We just completed the Nautilus room this weekend and is by far their best room yet!"
- Chiara, Google
"Nautilus game room- superb! The hardest room. Pleasantly surprised with starting in separate rooms and then coming together to discovery even more surprises. Everyone had a part in solving the puzzles. A great way to celebrate my son's 14th birthday weekend with two of his friends. Seven of us total and we all contributed. We really enjoyed and would definitely return for another room adventure. Thank you."
- Sharron Ferguson
"We enjoyed our time at Project Escape! We did Nautilus and even though we didn’t escape, we had such a fantastic time with our group."
- April, Yelp
"I stayed two nights in Atlanta and spent both nights here!! The energy is amazing, the design is intricate, and the puzzles are the right balance of difficult and fun. Love y’all!!"
- Samantha Hoefs, Google
"We first learned of this business at a birthday party. We loved it and took up the challenge to complete 4 successful escapes and win our T-shirts! We have thoroughly enjoyed solving the puzzles with our family and friends."
- Candy Dankenbrink, Local Guide
"It was my first time here and turned out to be one of the best escape room experiences I've ever had 😊 the rooms were interesting and our hostess Sydney was amazing as well. Thanks for helping us have a wonderful time~"
- Dee Dee, Google
"We have done many many escape rooms and this was one of the best ever. They were organized, helpful, and very friendly. I highly recommend!!!"
- Lisha Mize, Local Guide



2 – 10 Players

“The legendary submarine, The Nautilus, was on a mission to explore the depths of the ocean when the vessel fell under attack by a monstrous beast. As the hull breaks apart and the power goes out, the entire crew find themselves trapped inside, struggling to regain control of the submarine before it is too late.

With only 75 minutes until the entire vessel is crushed under the pressure of the sea, the crew must work together to solve puzzles and restore power to the ship. The deep sea monster, a mythical creature that haunts the waters of the world, is closing in fast, and you have to find a way out before it devours you.

With every passing minute, the pressure of the ocean threatens to crush the submarine and all its occupants, while the ominous presence of the creature looms ever closer. The fate of the Nautilus and all those aboard rests on your shoulders, as you and your team dive 20,000 leagues under the sea to fight for survival and escape the deep sea monster’s grasp.

Puzzles and hints are hidden throughout the submarine. You’ll need all your skills and wits to solve the mystery and survive. Will you and your team have what it takes to escape the Nautilus and the legendary creature that haunts the waters?”


Dive into the world of intrigue and mystery with our immersive escape room experiences at Project Escape Atlanta. In ‘The Nautilus,’ room, the legendary submarine has fallen under attack by a deep sea monster, and you and your crew are the only ones who can save it.

As the hull begins to break apart, you must work together with the crew members to regain control of the Nautilus and get the power back on. But time is running out – you only have 75 minutes before the entire submarine is crushed under the pressure of the sea and the mythical creature that haunts the waters devours you.

Located in Marietta, GA, Project Escape Atlanta offers a unique and exciting challenge for groups of friends, family, or coworkers looking for an unforgettable experience. With puzzles and clues hidden throughout the submersible, you’ll be fully engrossed in the thrill of the adventure aboard the underwater vessel.

Book now and become a part of the excitement, as you race against the clock to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, and whatever else may be lurking in its inky black expanse.

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Teamwork 95%
Problem Solving 90%
Scavenging 75%
Complexity 95%