“Our family had a blast escaping from Planet Express! The room was so creative with different challenges to conquer. We will definitely be doing it again. You will not be disappointed.”
– Lisa Gagnon, Tiny Teacher
“Planet Express room!!! All things science fiction. Full of puzzles and interstellar movie related. Perfect way to spend a sunday afternoon. If you have a big party you can spit up and do different rooms. Do your next staff party here”
– Danielle Clark, Google
“We had such a great time! The facility is clean and well kept! We did Planet Express and it was challenging but in a good way not a frustrating way. All the staff was courteous and helpful.”
– Michelle Rafael, Google
“Vault and Planet Express were super fun! Sydney the Gamemaster was super kind and helpful, Brandy was awesome as well!!! Will definitely be back to play the other games. Wow was so FUN!!!”
– Kalan Pindera, Google
“I have been twice and loved it both times. The Vault was my birthday activity last year and everyone involved had an absolute blast! This year we did Planet Express and it was just as fun as The Vault. I can’t wait to go again.”
– Trey Gregory, Google
“Played Planet Express on opening day! We’ve done all of the rooms at project escape and this room was great!”
– Emily Hamilton, Google
“Fantastic escape rooms with super friendly staff! My family and I have completed 5 of their rooms and each one has been fun and challenging. OUr favorite so far has been Planet Express with Vault 202 as a close second. Too bad we weren't able to try out the Saw room before it closed, but we'll be back for the newer rooms.”
– Celine Akstin, Google
“Love this place. Project Escape is tons of fun and the escape rooms are great. Tonight was our second trip there and once again, it did not disappoint. Escaped the new room, Planet Express – tons of fun. Did the Vault 2nd and unfortunately, did not escape in time. We will be going back again and again to hopefully conquer the other rooms. The staff is super awesome and super friendly. Definitely a 5 star experience!”
– Kathy Delbridge, Facebook
“Christian was awesome! We loved the planet express game! Top notch place!”
– Caitlin Wimberley, Google

Planet Express


The government has shot down an alien ship, unknowing of its intentions. After further questioning the alien life form, we found out they were trying to help us save our planet from destruction. Now YOU and our other government agents have to search their ship in order to find the artifact that will save our planet! You don’t have to be a Sci-Fi fan but if you are, you will love all the references!

Teamwork 85%
Problem Solving 80%
Scavenging 95%
Complexity 80%