“Best escape room in/around Atlanta!!! The rooms are challenging but they keep you going with your hints and clues. Manny was a fantastic room guide and was genuinely invested in our winning the game - he was so happy for us!!"
– Ida Guadalupe, Local Guide
“Me and my family had a great time! We played "The Will", which is one of their harder rooms. We weren't able to make it out, but we still had a blast due to the atmosphere and great game master Syndey. Recommended for anybody who just can't think of an activity to do, as it really appeals to everyone."
– Player One, Google
“Loved all the rooms in here! Murder express was pretty fun & it was our first escape!"
– Priyank Deshmukh, Google
“We did the Murder Express room (and we escaped). This is the second time I have done an escape room with them, and I love the new location (right near the old one) with the new rooms and the remodel! The game masters are very helpful and the rooms are all very clever with their clues! We booked a private room while they had a summer sale and it was a great choice to celebrate my birthday!"
– Cait, Google
“Staff was great. The escape was tough but fun. Tori our guide gave us little hints at just the right time without giving anything away. We had a great time. Had family in town so teenagers and grandparents all enjoyed it."
– Amy Ryan, Local Guide
“Had a great time, room was fun to figure out and our game mater made it that much better. Will definitely visit again"
– Mikel Robertson, Google

The Will


2 – 6 Players

“As the train car hurtled through the French countryside, you and your fellow heirs sat in silence, each lost in your own thoughts. The recent death of William Waterfeller, a mysterious and wealthy collector of rare artifacts, had left you all shaken.

As you travel back to Paris aboard Waterfeller’s private train car, after the reading of his will, you can’t help but wonder what secrets Waterfeller took to his grave. Together, you and the other heirs discover that a significant portion of Waterfeller’s fortune is unaccounted for, and its location is somewhere on board this very train car.

With just 75 minutes until arrival in Paris, you and your fellow heirs must set out to search the train car for any clues that might lead to the missing assets. The stakes are high – upon your arrival in Paris, the train car and all its contents will be donated to the Louvre!

As you delve deeper into the train car, you will uncover hidden compartments and strange artifacts. The clues are there, but will you and your team be able to piece them together in time?”

Step into the world of intrigue and mystery with our immersive escape room experiences at Project Escape ATL. In ‘The Will,’ join a team of heirs on a private train car bound for Paris, where the recent death of William Waterfeller, a wealthy collector of rare artifacts, has you all uncovering the location of his missing fortune.

Our one-of-a-kind adventure takes you through the French countryside aboard William Waterfeller’s private train car. You and your team search for clues to the location of Waterfeller’s missing assets. With just 75 minutes until arrival in Paris, the stakes are high, and you must work together to solve the puzzle before it’s too late.

Located in Marietta, GA, Project Escape ATL offers a unique and exciting challenge for groups of friends, family, or coworkers looking for an unforgettable experience. With puzzles and clues hidden throughout the train car, you’ll be fully immersed in the mystery, and riches, of the enigmatic William Waterfeller and The Will.

Book now and become a part of the intrigue, as you race against the clock to uncover the location of the missing assets before it’s lost in the bureaucratic shuffle forever.

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Teamwork 75%
Problem Solving 95%
Scavenging 70%
Complexity 75%