“Some of the most interactive escape rooms in the area! I really enjoyed doing the Fallout escape room (Vault) with friends as we made out with plenty of time to spare! I’d love to try Nautilus next time! Definitely recommend it as all the staff were helpful and very friendly!”
- Daniel Duran, Local Guide
“I took my 18 yo son and 11 yo daughter to Vault 202. We have been to many escape rooms over several states and this was one of our top experiences.”
- Anonymous
“My nephews LOVE escape rooms! I was looking for one that would be fun yet challenging. This place did not disappoint! The staff was extremely friendly. Vault 202 was our room of choice. It was perfect for all ages, as our group comprised of kids and adults. Our game master, Caleb, was readily available whenever we needed a "little" help. He even assured us when we were on the right track but second guessing ourselves. I would highly recommend this escape room to anyone!”
– Christi Lewis, Google
“It was my first time here and turned out to be one of the best escape room experiences I've ever had 😊 the rooms were interesting and our hostess Sydney was amazing as well. Thanks for helping us have a wonderful time~”
– Dee Dee, Google
“I went to Project Escape with my coworkers this week and we all had such a great time! The staff was helpful and enjoyable to interact with. My group did the Vault 202 room and it was seriously one of the most awesome experiences I've had. As a fan of the Fallout series, I was thoroughly impressed with not only the quality of the puzzles but also the integration of some of the game's design. It felt like I was in the Wasteland! This is a MUST for any escape room enthusiast or Fallout fan.”
– Peri Alpay
“We had an awesome time at Project Escape. We did Vault 202, - which was great for our teenage son who loved the theme of the room. Our gamemaster, did an awesome job of giving us clues to help guide us along the way. We didn't make it out - but still had a blast. Thanks for a great experience.”
– Teresa Jenkins, Google

Vault 202


2 – 10 Players

“The world as we knew it has come to an end. The air is thick with radiation, and the only hope for survival is to take refuge in a secure, impenetrable vault. Fortunately, you and your fellow survivors have done just that, settling in for the long haul with everything you need to ride out the apocalypse.

Unfortunately, however, you discover a bomb hidden among your supplies. Panic sets in as you realize that someone from the outside has managed to sneak the explosive into your sanctuary. With the clock ticking and the threat of detonation looming, you and your fellow survivors must work together to disarm the bomb before it’s too late.

As you search for clues and work to disable the bomb’s intricate mechanisms, you realize the importance of cooperation and communication. Together, you must use your wits and resourcefulness to overcome the challenges that stand in your way.

The fate of your group and the future of humanity rest on your ability to defuse the bomb before it’s too late. Can you work together to save yourselves and the world from annihilation? Only time will tell – tick, tick, tick…”

Vault 202 Escape Room

Step into the world of intrigue and mystery with our immersive escape room experiences at Project Escape Atlanta. Our ‘Vault 202’ escape room offers a thrilling adventure where you and your team of survivors must work together to disarm a bomb that has been smuggled into your secure bunker.

With only 60 minutes on the clock, you must use your problem-solving skills, communication, and teamwork to decipher clues and disable the bomb’s intricate mechanisms. Our unique and challenging escape room offers an unforgettable experience that will put your skills to the test.

Located in Marietta, GA, Project Escape ATL offers a unique and exciting challenge for groups of friends, family, or coworkers looking for an unforgettable experience. With puzzles and clues hidden throughout the vault, you’ll be fully immersed in the excitement and danger within Vault 202.

Book now and become a part of the story, as you race against the clock to save yourselves – and ultimately the fate of humanity – before certain destruction conumes the vault.

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Teamwork 70%
Problem Solving 80%
Scavenging 100%
Complexity 65%